Flashback Friday: GRD Navy football crowned team champions


Keegan VanMeter


Winning was a great feeling, and a great sense of accomplishment. Especially when you win by one point in the championship game.

In 2011 The Granville Recreation District Navy football team went undefeated and beat Watkins White by a score of 20-19 in the championship under the lights at White’s field. The following year the Granville White team went undefeated and beat Licking Heights Maroon in the championship at Watkins.

Granville Navy was coached by Rich Eckles and was led by 6th grader Michael Reed. This team had many great athletes and had a vast amount of talent between the fifth and sixth grade classes that were playing together at the time.

“We were definitely one of the best teams to come through the Granville REC commission, our team was great because we all worked together to achieve our goals,” said senior Max Richards.

Becoming a great team takes lots of preparation and hard work, and this team accomplished their goals through both of those things, and by sticking together as a team. Through all of this adversity and hard work, formed a brotherhood that can never be broken.

“We never let each other get down, or yelled at each other. We always had eachothers back no matter what was going on,” said junior Zach Everett.

Sticking together, and remaining as a team will always prevail through even the toughest situations a football game can put you in, and will help you remain together as a team.

Determination is also a major key to success. Determination will allow you to make it through tough situations that you don’t think you can push through. Having great determination will allow you to win games and fight till the end when other teams can’t.

“We practiced on Saturday mornings even before our games. I doubt other teams did that, and that is what made us better,” said junior Cooper Campbell.