He said, she said: Social media takeover


Keegan VanMeter

He Said


Social Media has taken over teens lives within the modern era. Teens are willing to share their entire lives with strangers on the other end of a phone.

“I don’t mind sharing general information on social media, but i try not to give out specific details about myself and where i live,” said freshman Stephen Chang.

Guys don’t tend to use social media the same way girls do. Guys use it more to see what’s happening, and what their friends are doing. They don’t necessarily care what the latest fashion trend is, or where they can buy the cheapest clothes, they just want to see what everyone is doing, and what people have done recently.

“The amount of money that girls spend shopping is insane, if they weren’t able to constantly shop on their phone, they wouldn’t be able to spend all that money,” said junior Cooper Campbell.

Most guys have the main social media apps such as; Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Other than that, the rest of the apps are games to play during class, or when you are bored. Girls assume that guys have pages and pages of apps, but the reality is we only have about a page or two of games, but other than that we just have useless apps that we are to lazy to delete.

Having games gives you something to do in your free time.

“Games just give me something to do when i’m bored sitting in class, or during study hall when i have nothing to do,” said senior Cristian Sams.

She Said


Social Media for boys and girls has become very popular over the years. Teens putting their entire lives on social media apps and throughout their phones.

“Everything is on my phone. I don’t go a day without using my phone or using a social media app,” said junior Lauren Newkirk.

Many girls rely on social media for their fashion and for interacting with their friends. Many girls have apps like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Online Shopping Apps, and many more. Only a few percentage of girls have gaming apps on their phones like boys do.

“Boys only have about three apps that girls have and the rest are games. The amount of time boys spend playing games on their phones is crazy,” said freshman Caroline Comisford.

Many girls would agree with Caroline’s statement.

Girls rely more on their social media accounts to express how they are feeling or to show off their fashion, friends, or activities. Most guys do not look that far into social media and could care less if they even had social media apps for the most part. Guys main reason for even being on social media is because it is popular and they want to fit in, and see what others are doing.

Besides social media many girls have apps like pinterest or their favorite places to shop.

“Pinterest is my favorite way of getting ideas especially DIY’s. You can find great presents, recipes, workouts, skin care, fashion, and so much more,” said senior Riley Bruck.