‘John Lennon and Me’ a heart-wrenching play


Hannah Musick

The heart-wrenching play “John Lennon and Me” was one to see. It was about a girl named Star (Kayla) who was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and lives in a sick home called Heart house, dreams of becoming an actress on Broadway. Star got a new roommate Courtney (Gabriella), a reserved, preppy teenager who did not realize how sick the other kids in the home were. Throughout the play they told the story from Star’s perspective and what it was like living in the home. At the end of the story Courtney and Star became very close and Courtney ended up dying in the last scene.

The main characters of the play did an amazing job. The amount of lines that they were having to remember was astonishing. Both Star and Courtney had at least 1,000 lines each. The emotional rollercoaster the audience took during the play. Starting the play off with jokes and the main character Star talking to the audience directly. Then, the play would go back and forth with sad touching moments about Star, or the other sick kids talking about their illnesses and funny, comical moments that make the audience laugh. Ending the play with a shock and the least expecting outcome. Courtney the least sickest of all of the kids, died. Leaving her best friend Star distraught. This powerful ending left the audience in tears. All of the actors did an amazing job of capturing the audience and making the play realistic.

My favorite part in the play was when Star told her mom she wanted her to not be her friend but be her mother. It really showed the audience that Star acted strong and like nothing bothered her, but when she finally broke she let out all of her emotions and really opened up to the audience letting down her walls. I also loved the parts when Star would directly talk to the audience and interact with everyone. It made the audience feel more a part of the play and made the crowd understand the storyline even more.

All of the actors and staff did a great job in the performance from the costumes, to the set, to the acting it was all put together perfectly making the experience for the audience just that much more enjoyable.