Coffee Review: Coffee Shack Coffee Roasters & Cafe LLC brings back warm memories


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Alyssa Christian


If you are a coffee addict and are one of the many that make the fact of coffee being the second most popular drink in the world true, than the new coffee shop in Heath, Ohio, Coffee Shack Coffee Roasters & Cafe LLC is for you.  

Walking through the door, I was met with a warm, comfortable scene displayed before me. The wooden tables and lodge-like array gives off a vibe as if I had just stepped off of the snow at a ski resort and into a hideaway from the blustery winds that lay just outside the door.

The Coffee Shack is also decorated for the season, contributing to the cozy feel of the shop. Tucked in the far corner stands a Christmas tree with long branches and ornaments hung with care. While I was enjoying my coffee, I could hear “Christmas Vacation” playing faintly in the background and I found myself reminiscing of the Christmas Eves that encompassed my childhood.

My family and I would be in the living room and the excitement boiling within my younger brother and I would slowly calm as the film played on and on. The relaxing, while also comical, movie would distract us enough from the knowledge of presents that Santa Clause would be sure to bring the following morning and allow us to enjoy, instead, the presence of our family.

All of this played through my mind as I sat across from my mom at the Coffee Shack and she gave me a warm, cheerful smile as I sipped on my vanilla caramel frappe. Not only was the atmosphere of the shop welcoming and calming, but the coffee itself was exquisite as well.

Unlike many shops that carry coffees overwhelmed with sugar, the vanilla caramel frappe tasted prominently of coffee with a hint of caramel and vanilla that beckoned me to keep drinking more.

In between sips, I savored a cookie in the shape of a Christmas tree. Its sugary goodness intermixed well with the flavor of the coffee and I found myself to be disappointed when I looked down to find only crumbs on the spot where the cookie once was.

I was tempted to buy another, but figured that I would most definitely be back another day to try more.