Flashback Friday: Featuring Katie Cox

Katie Cox practicing her kicks in the olden days

Katie Cox practicing her kicks in the “olden days”

Sara Mills


When reflecting on where the source of her passion for soccer came from, junior Katie Cox shared an early memory that she believes sparked her love for soccer.

Katie began her memory in California when her family went on vacation to spend time at the beach to enjoy some good relaxation time. She remembers being “really young, maybe around the age of eight or so.”

“My sister was kicking around a soccer ball by the water and I became fascinated,” Katie said. Katie has always been a natural born athlete in whatever sport she tries, however, soccer has always been where she shines.

Katie was playing basketball and other sports such as softball at the age of eight. At the time of her vacation, she had only just recently began a new sport, soccer. She had played the other two for about two years, but soccer had earned her full heart within only a week’s span.

Sports have always been a major influence within her family. In fact, both of her parents own and run a sports center TAD, located on Columbus road in Granville, for athletes to go and improve upon their skills.

Katie hopes to continue her soccer career in college, in the meantime Katie expects to continue her soccer season into senior year.

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