Flashback Friday: Alexie McFarland’s trip to the UP


Jack McGonagle


It was a rainy, dreary day, but even this couldn’t bring senior Alexie McFarland down because she was in the amazing Upper Peninsula of Michigan with her family. This was her second time in the beautiful region of Michigan and she just couldn’t get enough of it. She would be spending the next few days canoeing through the beautiful lakes found in the area.

“At first I really wasn’t sure of it because there were a lot of mosquitoes and rain and we had to row everywhere, which was extremely exhausting. However, it was all worth it for the views I got to experience and the lack of human contact that was present,” McFarland said.

While reflecting on the UP, Alexie recalls many different feelings.

“I really just remember feeling a lot of solidarity on the trip because there was a real disconnect from society with no cell service, cars or people other than my family members,” McFarland said.

She and her family spent a week in the territory over the summer.

“On a typical day, we would wake up and eat the breakfast our dad had prepared over the fire,” McFarland said. “Then we’d get dressed and pack up the canoes with our supplies like fishing rods and lures. After that, we’d pack our lunch and set off on the lake. In order to get to one of the other three close lakes, we’d either use a portage or carry the canoes ourselves. Around midday we’d stop and find a rock to eat our lunch on while just enjoying the beauty around us. Then after a few hours of fishing we’d head back to the cabin and clean up with baby wipes. To finish off the evening we’d eat dinner and play cards. If we caught enough fish, we’d cook them up to eat as well. Then we’d go to sleep and repeat it all the next day.”

There were many great moments while she was there, but one stood out in particular.

“We were all together at the back of the lake and the water was extremely calm and still, allowing me to relax and take in all the natural beauty,” McFarland said.

To her, the trip was truly life changing and taught her a lot about nature’s importance in our world.

“I think everyone should try to have an experience like this with nature because our generation is known to not have a great personal connection with it. It’s really a chance to learn and appreciate the beauty,” McFarland said.