Flashback Friday: Mitch Meikle

Kenzie Chesrown

Senior Mitch Meikle plans to become an art teacher later in life.

“I’ve always been interested in art, my mom kind of got me into it when I was really little,” Meikle said.

He has spent his whole life surrounded by forms of creativity, according to Meikle.

This school year, Meikle is enrolled in portfolio development and digital design and photography. Every year he has taken at least one type of art class.

“Drawing is my favorite form of art,” Meikle said. “I love how simple of a concept it is, some people can do amazing things with just a pencil,”

His favorite art memory is  “during school, just drawing in class on homework,” Meikle said.

Though drawing is his favorite form, he has recently been interested in fabric.

“So be on the lookout for some dope quilts,” Meikle said.

As a senior, Meikle will graduate in May. He plans to attend college and pursue a degree that enables him to teach others about art.

He has lived in Granville all his life, attending every level of schooling with the class of 2018.

“I am so grateful for all of the opportunities I was given here,” Meikle said “ All of my art teachers have inspired me,”

Throughout his seventeen years, art has always been something he loves.

“I am super excited to someday teach others about a huge part of my life,” Meikle said.