Art club begins new project


Alyssa Christian


Art club is about to start on a new project that will be sure to brighten up the monotonous walls of the school.

“We’re making inspirational quotes above the lockers in different letter forms,” vice president of art club Chelsea Schmidt said.

The quotes will be put above the lockers.

“[It] would be the easiest place to see them and the surfaces are smoother so it will look better,” president of art club Karsen Mills said.

Although the students in art club are the ones who will be putting the quotes up, principal Matthew Durst approached them about the idea of the quotes.

“Mr. Durst approached me earlier this year about adding quotes throughout the school so it was basically his idea, but we collaborated on that,” Mills said.

Art club will begin inserting quotes above the lockers this week and are hoping to finish within the next few weeks.

“Since we’re a small group it will take awhile,” Mills said.

In total, the project will take “probably up until Thanksgiving break, and if it’s not up then, it will be within the next week,” Mills said.

One thing for sure is that the students in the club are looking forward to the addition of the quotes around the school.

“I’m doing the art to make the school look better and it’s not going to be in blue and white,” Schmidt said. “It’s going to be colorful.”

The next time that you open your locker, make sure to stay observant and keep on the lookout for the addition of colorful quotes that will be sure to brighten your day.