Christmas display unveiling at locally owned shop: Real Deals on Home Decor


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Alyssa Christian

Outside the wintry feel is looming as the leaves begin to fall and more and more hats and scarves begin to show themselves.

As the beginning of winter emerges, so do the Christmas decorations that can be seen at the locally owned shop in Granville, Ohio, Real Deals on Home Decor.

The shop was redecorated last weekend.

“We spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday redecorating and unveiled it on the 26th of October,” workers of the shop Janet Herring and Carol McPeek said.

Inside, the shop is adorned in decorations to welcome in the upcoming holiday. Ornaments were carefully hung among the vast amount of Christmas trees that occupy the rooms of the shop and a jolly, wooden Santa Claus greets the customers as they enter.

Just this year, Real Deals on Home Decor changed locations and is now in a larger store which made it quite different to decorate.

“They had three levels to decorate, so it was a lot more room,” McPeek said.

They closed the shop Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of last week in order to decorate, but “they were already closed Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in the old store,” McPeek said.  

Because of this, they slightly altered the way that they unveiled the opening of the store.

“We made more of a production out of it this year to have a big reveal. We had a party,” Janet Herring said.

Although they did close the shop to redecorate, their hours will be normal for the rest of the holiday season, except for the day of the Candlelight Walking Tour.   

“It’s 10-6 Monday to Friday and Saturday until 4. But, there are extended hours for the Candlelight Walking Tour,” McPeek and Herring said.

Prior to the Walking Tour, Real Deals also offers a no peek envelope that offers an assortment of deals.

“On December 7, 8 and 9, you can bring in your no peek envelope to see what you receive.” McPeek said.

Even if you are not planning on bringing in a no peek envelope, customers are always welcome to peruse the shop at their discretion.

While shopping, customers can enjoy a warm cookie or other treat and glance around at the decorations that are displayed throughout the store. When walking into the store, it will bring you back to the time when you were a child on a chilly, wintry afternoon, curled up on the couch with a steamy hot chocolate in hand while watching your favorite Christmas cartoon and bring excitement to the upcoming holiday season.