Ice s’cream review: Gobbling up Knuckleheads


Jack McGonagle


If a family is looking for a place to get quality food and ice cream, then Knuckleheads is their place to go. The shop is known to families all over Granville with customers coming in after practices and games or even just stopping by for the fun of it.

Knuckleheads has been around Granville for over 40 years and originally went by the name Harold’s Dairy bar, according to their website. The little shop is right next to Ross’ Granville Market just off the bike path. Recently, the shop was taken over by new management.

It’s small size makes it a comfortable, welcoming store. The workers were very kind and genuine, which gave off a good vibe. They have some chairs for seating inside and a large patio with benches and tables to sit outside. Overall, I felt the mix of seating allowed for a good layout of comfort.

Last night, I decided to get an Oreo/cookie dough arctic swirl and Mac & Cheese bites.

The Mac & Cheese bites are a must-have when going there. My friends and I all agree that they’re the best item on the menu. The crispy outside mixed with the gooey cheese inside creates an explosion of flavors and textures in your mouth.

The arctic swirl had a thick consistency and was chalked full of Oreos and cookie dough, which made it easy to eat with a spoon. This overload of toppings, paired with the sweet vanilla ice cream made for a nice blend of flavors.

The overall topping and flavor selection was very wide, allowing for many choices, which made it very hard to pick. They had many dips, ice cream flavors, sprinkles, fruits, syrups and other desserts like pie!

However, I was able to pinpoint one downside, which was the fact that their prices have become higher. I’ve been a regular at Knuckleheads for the past few years, but I haven’t been there in a few months. Upon my return I found this spike in prices to be alarming.

The regular (medium) sundae went from $2.85 to $4.50. Arctic swirls went from $3.50 to $4.40. A large cone that was once $2.25 is now one size fits all at $2.40.

Another problem is the fact that they only accept credit cards now. This is especially troublesome for younger kids who ride their bikes there and teenagers who don’t have credit cards yet. They also have no signs posted to inform customers of the change.

Their logo is very unique. The name is at the top in a blue ombre. They also have the word Granville at the bottom, which makes it seem like more of a hometown store. On the side there is a man peering out with a smirk. I found the logo to overall be very interesting and personally I really liked it.

In conclusion, I found Knuckleheads to be a very welcoming store with many options beyond just ice cream. For that reason, I gave it 7 scoops out of 10.