Middle schoolers and freshmen try out new PARCC test


For this school year, Granville elementary, intermediate and middle schools students, along with the current 9th graders, will be taking the standardized test called PARCC, which stands for the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness of College Careers.

These new standard test will take place in Ohio in both March and May for students grades K-9.

The reasons behind only having these grades take the test is that the school board wants to move the test up into the grades, eventually having all students take the test.

The PARCC tests are not based off of classes, but rather grade levels. There are tests for each grade in Mathematics and English Language Arts/ Literacy. Therefore, if a child is taking a more accelerated class than someone else in his/her own grade, the two students will still be taking the same test.

Ohio is one of the 13 states participating in the PARCC test, and the State Superintendent of Public Instruction Mr. Richard Ross also serves on the PARCC Governing Board.

Ross, along with several other education leaders in Ohio, are very optimistic about the new tests.