Top 10 iPhone apps of 2014

flappy bird BY DAKOTA SMITH (’15)

10. “Candy Crush”

A game that emerged last year, but is still successful (and on my iPhone) to this day. It works just like Bejeweled where you match colors and make them disappear while getting points for doing so. 9. “Circle Pong”-A game about playing pong with yourself…in a circle.

8. “Clash of Clans”

Though technically it was more popular in 2013, it still persevered through all of 2014 and is still one of the top iPhone games of all time.

7. “Crossy Road”

Basically Frogger on the iPhone, this game throws you into a world with one objective: cross the roads and rivers without getting run over or drowning. The difference between this game and Frogger is the player gets to decide what animal he or she uses to beat their high score.

6. “Stick Hero”

A stickman is running on a ledge and your only job is to bridge the gaps for him by holding your finger down for a certain amount of time to elongate the bridge to fit the various gap sizes. 5. “8 Ball Pool”-A billiards style game, where you can play friends or random people around the world. Playing through divisions helps to get more coins, which get you into the tournament initially.

4. “Five Nights at Freddy’s”

A horror/jump-scare game adapted from PC, this game sets up with you starting a new night watching job at a Chuck E. Cheese-type arcade where the animatronic animals are trying to literally rip you apart. Don’t let your flashlight run out of power…

3. “aa”

A simple game where your objective is to attach pegs to a large ball in the center of the screen, while avoiding other pegs which spin around. It has caused many headaches and many thrown phones out of frustration.

2. “Trivia Crack”

Appearing in the latter half of the year, this game tested your general knowledge against your Facebook friends in six categories: Art, Entertainment, Geography, History, Science and Sports.

1. “Flappy Bird”-

he game that changed the world of iPhone apps forever, spawning many other simple games like it such as: Retry, which just missed the list this year.