Spanish Club gears up for Trick or Treat for UNICEF


Kylee McFarland


UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) is an organization dedicated to saving the lives of disadvantaged children all around the world. The Spanish Club has been made helping children a tradition. Every Halloween students get the opportunity to help kids just like them by collecting money while trick or treating.

It was started years ago by retired Spanish teacher Senora Baldwin and continues with the help of current Spanish teacher Senora Mosquera and Spanish Club.

“I feel that UNICEF is a very helpful organization because they provide medical supplies, clean water, and all kinds of different humanities to populations that are very hard to get to,” Sra. Mosquera said. “They provide very educational video as well that I show to my students”

Although it is run by Spanish Club, anyone one can join in on the fun. Students get in groups of two to five people and create a theme for their costumes. Then they map out Granville and each group gets a specific sector to trick or treat.

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There have been zombie pilots, cowgirls, nerds, aliens, ninja turtles and many more who all compete for two things: best costumes and most money collected.

“We typically raise around somewhere between $400-500,” Sr. Mosquera said. “Every year is different and we try to get as much donations as we can, but we only raise money for one night.”

Mosquera’s  favorite part is “the excitement of the night and the look on kids faces when they dump their coins in the bucket and realize how much they’ve raised.”

“I signed up because they help by building water pumps for people in Africa and providing education to kids in South America,” senior Carly Pay said. “It’s for a good cause”

“A lot of people were willing to donate because they are familiar with UNICEF and what they do,” Pay said. “But even the people that didn’t know about this organization were willing to give to these kids in need.”

So if you see a group of high school students with orange boxes this Halloween, check your couch cushions for spare change or can make a larger donation for a good cause.