Field hockey team aces the game


Field Hockey game against Upper Arlington. Picture by Mr. Gay

Kenzie Chesrown


The field hockey team is currently 11-0-1 this season.

“The best game was against Columbus Academy, the final score was 0 to 1,” junior Clare Leithauser said.

Columbus Academy is a rival in all Granville sports.

“A win against Academy was huge for the season,” senior Brielle Bait said. “It meant a lot to us, it was an awesome feeling.”

The team consists of a multitude of players, all committed to success.

“I play outside midfield,” junior Kristen Zehnal said. “It requires lots of running up and down the sideline. It is a critical position for moving the ball up the field.”

This group loves to win, but most importantly loves to play as a team.

“This year is especially great for us because we are all really close,” senior Monique Jardell said. “Not only have we won a lot, but we have become really good friends,”

This sport has a team that truly loves to see one another succeed.

“My favorite part about field hockey is watching my teammates improve throughout the season,” senior Brielle Bait said. “We are always super energetic and real with each other,”

Field hockey is a sport that requires strength, endurance, and speed. Traits that the girls all continue to improve on during practice.

Even while participating in intense drills, they still manage to have fun.

“I love goofing off with my teammates,” Zehnal said. “For warm up laps, we pass around the Bop It to work on our reaction time skills. We also mess with the coaches all the time.”

Field hockey is focused on a team dynamic, and so are the girls. Many have played all throughout high school, and have improved alongside one another.

“I really admire Monique Jardell,” Zehnal said. “She has an infinite amount of field hockey wisdom. She works so hard and is a really strong leader. Michigan State Field Hockey is gaining a real gem next year.”

Monique, like other seniors, plans to continue her field hockey career during college. Her high school experience has taught her how to support others during every situation, according to Jardell.

“For me, I just love the sport,” Jardell said. “Games are especially fun for me because there is so much pressure, and this year we’ve come out with wins.”

The games have high energy which can be felt by the crowd, according to senior fan Ethan Shaw.

“I have a few friends on the team,” Shaw said. “I love going out and showing support.”

The girls have strong bonds and truly enjoy the sport.

“I am so glad I got to meet so many friends while doing something I love,” Bait said.

The girls will face Dublin Jerome tonight at 7 p.m., and senior night is Tuesday at 5 p.m.