School bans bottles and backpacks after ‘whispers’ of substance abuse at games


Jack McGonagle


Two Fridays ago, parents and students came to Mr. Durst with a complaint of students possessing and drinking alcohol at the home game vs. Utica. This is an action the school has zero tolerance for, which sparked a new rule.

The new policy is that students can no longer bring backpacks or drink containers of any kind into athletic events. It will be in effect at all athletic contests, no matter what sport or season.

However, the rule does apply differently to some students due to specific needs.

Students who have diabetic needs will be permitted to bring bags as long as they make administrators aware in advance. 

“Females will be allowed to bring purses into games because they have unique feminine needs that males do not share,” Durst said.

Those who disagree with the policy do not necessarily think the outlawing of backpacks is the problem.

“I personally don’t think the rule is fair and equal towards the guys at our school,” senior Carly Pay said. “Yes, girls need purses for their feminine needs, but why should they be able to bring a type of bag in if guys can’t do the same? I certainly don’t think backpacks are necessary at the games though.”

The kids who triggered the new rule were reported to have had backpacks, which is why they are now banned. Many students have expressed the fact they do not see a real need for backpacks.

“Personally, the rule doesn’t affect me at all because I’ve never had a need for a backpack at a game and definitely don’t see the need in the future,” senior Christian Sams said.

Students who bring either banned item into an event will be asked to put them back in their car before they can return. If the student is required to pay a fee to get back in, they must do so. Staff and ticket collectors will help carry out the policy.

“Mr. Carpenter and I will each stand at the front and back gate to monitor the students, as well as ticket takers who will watch for the backpacks and containers,” Mr. Durst said.

For away games, Mr. Durst and Mr. Carpenter will monitor the gates like they would at a home game. Staff members will also be around the student section to keep a watch over the students and their behavior.