Student groups raise money and resources for others


Friday Oct. 6, Teachers wear t-shirts sold by Interact club to raise money for hurricane relief victims.

Josie DeCaro


Two sports teams and Interact club have come together to raise money and gather resources the Licking County Coalition and Hurricane relief victims.

The soccer team came together to sell t-shirts and raised over $300  for hurricane victims in Houston. Individuals who ordered a t-shirt were provided free access in the girls’ soccer Granville vs. Hartley game on Oct. 3.

“It’s a really good feeling knowing that we aren’t just making a difference in a town, but also helping communities nationwide,” senior soccer player Natalie Pireu said.

Along with the contribution of the soccer team, the field hockey team held a fundraiser for the Licking County Coalition for Housing (LCCH).

The field hockey set out a series of baskets to collect household items such as cleaning supplies, sheets, towels, and toiletries. These resources were collected at different places and events. Baskets were placed in the high school, field hockey games, the farmers market and a football game.

“We really wanted to make a difference locally. In the past other sports had done fundraisers for large organizations but we saw a need right here in Licking County,” senior field hockey player Monique Jardell said.

“This fundraiser helped our team come together even more, it gives us a way of working together off the field that helps us on the field as well,” Jardell said. “It was really one goal that we are all working towards, and everyone wanted to help in some way.”

The field hockey team will also be helping with the LCCH 5k run on Nov. 11th. It is $25 to register, but if registered through the field hockey team there is already a five dollar discount. There are forms in the high school office where to fill out to register.

Sports teams’ attitudes are heavily impacted by the graciousness of the community and the students coming together to help raise money and resources to those who need it most. The field hockey team had raised over $1000 and a total of 700 or more items were donated.

Grace Waggoner, in charge of the Interact club, has also pitched in time to raise money for all hurricane relief victims through the United Way organization.

“Were looking around $1,500 dollars that will be raised from the t-shirts,” Waggoner said.

Interact also sold t-shirts and Oct. 4 was hat day for students across the district. Students paid one dollar to wear hats, and all of that money will also be donated to United Way.

“Students in Interact said ‘We really need to do something, this is bad,’” Waggoner said. “Actually it was right before Irma hit and Hurricane Maria hadn’t even hit Puerto Rico yet when they said this. I think it’s good that we got in front of the storm, as far as fundraising, that way we can get the money our pretty quickly.”

Having family in Houston, Waggoner felt a special inspiration by what students and Interact is all doing to help those hurricane victims.

Matt Durst is especially found of the students and the community coming together.

“I like having multiple groups coming together,” Durst said. “I think it’s better for the student body.”