New rule to keep students safe


New rules, same old stadium.

Sara Mills

The high school has recently released a new rule regarding the attendance to sporting events and the new standards that come with it. The rule was created due to the “whisperings” coming from the stands about students being in possession of alcohol.  

“Ticket takers and administrators will be at the ticket gates of athletic contests to assist with implementations of the policy,” said Principal Durst in his Schoology announcement regarding the new rule.

The rule rightfully bans all backpacks that could be potential carrying devices for illegal solutions as well as drinks coming from outside the high school concession stand due to the uncertainty of the bottles contents. The rule applies for all sporting events beyond football.

Students angry about the new rule more then likely are the cause for the strict standards due to the illegal activity taking place at the football games. In other words, they brought it on themselves.

Durst, however, has informed the students that females may bring purses into sports contests to tend to their “unique feminine needs.” Also, students with medical needs such as diabetes will be allowed to carry a backpack, if approved first by the school board.

“I was walking into the game and the man at the gate stopped me, I explained to him that I was a type one diabetic but they still went through my bag and checked to make sure there wasn’t any alcohol or anything in there,” freshman Caden Smith said.

Despite the school’s knowledge of Caden’s medical needs, the Heights staff was unaware, presenting some of the new rules flaws and complications.  

Caden, however, believes “there really is no need to check my bag if they know the students, but also some students make bad decisions and bring in stupid stuff to the games that they probably shouldn’t, so it’s probably their own fault.”

There are other students within the high school that are not as accepting of the new rule as Caden.

“I think it’s pretty stupid because if people can’t afford drinks or food from the concession stand they still can’t bring in their own drink, and not everyone gets money from their own parents,” junior Alex Rosenberg.

Students from around the school feel as if the school board is really pressing down between the drug testing and now the new sporting events requirements. Many staff members and I also feel as though the school is adopting stricter policies but also believe that “it is necessary.”  

“If it’s an away game, and it’s at a school I don’t go to, they shouldn’t have any control over what items we choose to bring such as backpacks. Home games are a different story since it is on our school’s property,” junior Natalie Thompson said.

The new rule has created an uproar within the school, but the new strict requirements for future sporting events are to keep the students safe and presentable for other audiences and parents.

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