Coffee Review: River Road Coffeehouse serves delicious drinks


Alyssa Christian


My brother, Dylan Christian, and I went to River Road Coffeehouse in Granville, Ohio, on Thursday, Oct. 5 .

Much to my my brother’s dismay, he had to wake up ten minutes earlier than usual in order to have time to get to the coffeehouse and to school on time.

However, when we got there, I think he was happy regardless of his ten minute lack of sleep.

He ordered the small “Frozen Creme Funky Monkey” which has dark chocolate, banana, and caramel.

“It was good,” Dylan said. On a scale of one to ten, he gave it “maybe a seven.”

If you are not a typical coffee drinker, the “Frozen Creme” drink selection offers a satisfying substitute. You can order any of the usual coffee flavors, but if you order the “Frozen Creme” version, it does not include the caffeine. So you get the flavoring, but not the added energy boost.

My choice this morning was a small hot “Galaxy,” which has dark chocolate, caramel and yes, caffeine. I was particularly content with my decision to order this drink, mainly for the caffeine this morning, but of course for the taste as well.

Getting roughly four to five hours of sleep last night, I needed the caffeine to get me through today… let us just see what happens when I crash here in a few hours.

If you are a coffee drinker who also likes to treat yourself with some sweets, the “Galaxy” offers a nice balance.

Although Dylan and I did not have time to sit down at the coffeehouse and enjoy our drinks in the shop, I have been there in the past and the environment is extremely calming.

It is perfect if you want to get together with a friend or two, or if you just want some quiet time to study for an upcoming test. Speaking of studying, maybe I will be there again tonight to study for my physics test tomorrow.

Anyways, River Road Coffeehouse offers a variety of drinks that will be sure to satisfy you. I highly recommend the “Galaxy” coffee, and Dylan also recommends the “Frozen Creme Funky Monkey.”

Along with these drinks, River Road also offers smoothies, italian sodas, teas, and other drinks as well.

Make sure to check it out next time you are looking for a place to relax or to stop by and grab a coffee when you are headed to work or school.