Fall Break slated for next year



A number of students who have heard of this fall break rumor flowing around the school have been wondering what this idea of a fall break is, when it would be, and how long the break will be. According to Spanish teacher Mrs. Salinas, the idea of a fall break is in progress and may be effective starting next year.

The fall break is “just a day, not a long break,” according to Mrs. Salinas. It came about when they decided that they should “move conferences up earlier in October so parents aren’t worrying about their child’s grades when it becomes too late to change them,” said Mrs. Salinas.

The Monday following CODA day, around October 18, will be an extra day, making the full fall break a four day weekend stated Mrs. Salinas.

“It was a collective idea from all of the teachers and staff working on the calendar and they were all in agreement that it was a good idea due to the long stretch from August to the end of October with very little break for the students,” said Mrs. Salinas.