Opinion: People get easily distracted by technology

Cam Crouch


People get easily distracted by technology 

The creation of the iPhone was the most innovative invention in modern day technology. This is so easily determined due to the fact that people, for whatever reason, have trouble putting it down. 

This distraction can be caused by a text message, or even a notification on social media. Just the simple “ping” coming from your cellphone’s speakers and traveling to your ears is triggering a temptation to pick up your phone immediately to see what it is. 

People like me, at least, have a hard time having my phone around me while I am completing homework due to the fact that the task at hand is not what interests me. I’m sorry, but Nate Miller’s latest post on Instagram outweighs solving 3-variable linear systems. 

Although, now you can see how this can become a problem. For example, Cam is trying to do his math homework but he just received a notification on his phone. He then picks up his phone to see what it is, and gets intrigued by it.  

Since his phone is now in his hand and his math homework is put to the side, he now has transferred his complete interest to his phone as he now begins to check every social media app.  

Then he loses track of time and he is up later at night then he should be, resulting in sleep deprivation and a rushed homework assignment. 

Not saying that this happens often for me, but also not saying it doesn’t. Yes, you could say the simple solution to this would be either hiding your phone or having your parents take it, but not many kids nowadays are strong enough to give up such a thing. 

And as technology is growing stronger, kids are succumbing to it as a fallback to boredom whether it’s in the classroom, at the dinner table, or even just in public. 

In my opinion, this is horribly scary.  

The technology could be taking away from a possible great moment or memory that is just waiting to be made. People are not living in the moment and not breathing in the full experience. 

Just take a look around you the next time you go into a busy public place. Sometimes the average eye doesn’t realize entirely what’s going on around them.  

And I challenge you to try and stay off of your phone as much as possible. It’s time to live in the moment and savor it; because you never know when you could lose it.