Ice s’cream review: Whit’s is a common favorite


Jack McGonagle


One can’t say they truly lived a good life until they go to Whit’s. It is a local custard shop known to nearly everyone in Granville. If an outsider were walking down a street in town, almost anyone would be able to give him directions to the store.

The shop is tucked between many others on Main Street. It’s small size gives it a cozy and welcoming feel. Patrons can either dine in with stools, or sit outside at tables or benches. Overall, I really enjoyed the layout of the store.

On my visit there, I decided to get the Buckeye Madness. This is a mixture of vanilla custard, Reese’s Cup, chocolate and peanut butter.

I found this to be a perfect combination of flavors. It was like eating a Reese’s Cup, but with custard. The custard was very rich and creamy as it should be, and the vanilla really complemented the strong peanut butter and chocolate tastes.

The topping selection was very good with a wide variety of  items such as fruit, syrups and desserts like cookie dough.

The only downside I found was that prices were a bit higher than other stores. One scoop is $2.95, 2 scoops are $3.95, sundaes are $3.75, and a plain kids scoop is $2.50.

However, I really loved the logo because it had a nice blend of colors going. I also really liked how the apostrophe was an actual ice cream cone.

In conclusion, Whit’s is a fantastic place to go for a frozen treat. It really sets itself apart from other competition because it’s custard, but it comes at a higher price. Therefore I give it 7 scoops out of 10.