He said, she said: Homecoming


Keegan VanMeter

He Said


The first quarter of school can be a drag for most, however Homecoming seems to be the main event of fall. This happens during the perfect time of the year corresponding with the football season.

With Homecoming floats and a night bonfire in the school parking lot, it is the perfect way to kick off fall, but the build up to Homecoming is always the toughest part of Homecoming week for a guy.

The girls are always expecting the best, and there is a lot of pressure on the guy to ask the girl in the perfect way, knowing that it will be all over social media and seen by all. For example if you simply make a sign that says “hoco?”, she will most likely say no. But if you prepare flowers, have a creative sign and surprise her, then you will most likely be getting yourself a date.

Once you finally ask your girl with the creative way she has been waiting for, there always is a sigh of relief.

The week of preparation for the Friday night game is always different from any other week. The feeling is different, and there are many extra activities going on, making it hard to focus on the game. Friday is definitely the best day of Homecoming week. Having the whole town out supporting your team gives you an incredible feeling that you always will remember.

While this is going on, the guys are also trying to find the right shirt to go with the tie, which has to match the girls dress. Also, guys must try to find fancy new shoes to go with the dress shirt and tie. It is always a challenge to perfectly match the girls dress, and to get her a corsage that she loves.  

The main event starts once Saturday rolls around (for the girl at least). Saturday starts off slow, allowing you to sleep in and prepare yourself for the thousands of pictures coming tonight. Once you are finally dressed and make it out to pictures, in the 80 degree weather, you are already wanting to be at dinner, and then home. The dinner takes place shortly after pictures, and then the dance is on.

Finally you will make it to the dance, but you will only be there for about 45 minutes because by that time the boys are ready to leave. Eventually this night will come to an end and, though it was long, it will have been a fun night for all of your friends that you will cherish forever.

She said


The beginning of the year is always the best. First quarter of the school year, football games, fall approaching and, of course, Homecoming.

Homecoming is a girl’s favorite time of the year, along with Prom. Finding a dress, makeup, hair, shoes, finding a dat and having a memorable night with your friends, what could be better than that? Who couldn’t love Homecoming? It is a night to cherish with friends and get all prettied up.

One of a girl’s favorite parts about Homecoming is the guy asking. Every girl dreams of different ways they want to be asked by their dream guy. Girls post about it all over social, media flaunting the special way they were asked. This is just one of the many things that make Homecoming so spectacular, which is important because it makes a girl feel special.

Some guys do not really care about Homecoming because the hype for them is not consistent with the reality of what the night is really like. It makes the guys nervous and puts pressure on them having to ask a girl in a cute way with a clever pun. They do it to please the girls and because it is a Homecoming tradition. Every once and awhile a guy really stands out and goes all in for his proposal, making his girl feel special.

Whether guys like it or not, every year girls and guys get dressed up, create a group that both the girl and guy would have fun in (making the groups super random and take awkward pictures with parents flashing cameras and telling you to smile). Homecoming is about being together, singing to your favorite songs, eating dinner at a fancy restaurant, walking into the dance with your squad, seeing everyone all dressed up, girls commenting on each others dresses and taking pictures left and right.

Overall, Homecoming is a girls night and will live on throughout high school, making each fall one of the best times in teenagers’ lives, whether it is your first dance or your last, it becomes a special night for everyone.