Mr. Fisher: The most interesting man in the high school



He is sometimes known as the most interesting man in the high school.

His illuminating personality is very popular among students who do, and even do not take his class. Mr. Fisher, the lone Latin teacher for the high school, has made quite the reputation for himself in the last four years he has taught at Granville. His dark sense of humor seems to light up students days after they attend his class. But who is the Latin teacher? That is the question that many want to know.

The answer to the question that so many want to know is simple. That’s literally it. He is a simple man who does simple things.

“Believe it or not, we aren’t just teachers. We have lives too!” he joked.

His hobbies include “gardening, knitting, writing poetry, baking and singing folk songs.”

Growing up and attending Fairfield Union High School, along with his sister, he was influenced by the country side that surrounded him.

He and his wife, Mrs. Fisher, have one child together, named Ethan, while another is on the way. He also has two stepchildren.

During his time at Granville, some would like to know what his experience has been like.

“It is a rewarding, almost beautiful opportunity to work here at Granville,” Fisher said. I couldn’t think of anything else I would rather do with my life than be a teacher! I feel so lucky to be able to impact the lives of students through what I teach. I’m more than just a Latin teacher, I’m a life teacher.”

After four “beautiful” years, according to Fisher, he has no plans of leaving his job. When asked how long he would stay at the high school, he replied, in all seriousness, “Until they fire me!”