Granville’s go-to of the month


Sara Mills


The winner of the monthly Granville go-to this week was Denison movie night; an event Denison throws for the community surrounding the campus as well as for families whose students attend the university.

The event started at 7 pm on Sept. 15 with food and beverages provided for the guests and students. Blankets were laid out and lawn chairs were set up, ready for the movie to begin.

The movie that was to show that night was “Remember the Titans,” a family-friendly movie appropriate for all ages. The movie screening was to start at 8 pm, enough time to set up, go to the bathroom, and grab a quick snack before the showing.

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The event was sponsored and supported by the Licking County Health Department, where many were to be honored and appreciated for their accomplishments through the department.

Food and movies were not the only intriguing things provided, there were also inflatables and games in which everyone could participate. The event overall lasted until about 11 pm unless visitors and students wanted to leave earlier.

The movie captivated all and those who participated in the event were impressed with how well everything turned out. The food was tasty according to guests and the movies and games were all just bonuses to those who attended.

If you should ever happen to be in town for Denison movie night, make sure to stop by and check it out!