Opinion: OU, oh yeah!


Sara Mills

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OU oh yeah! Or at least that’s what the kids say down at Ohio University.

Ohio University is a school in which many believe is a “partying” school, “unchallenging” school, or simply just a college to attend when your GPA is not the greatest right out of high school. Unfortunately, these stereotypes have blinded people from the truth about the campus.

The junior and senior classes of the high school are soon to choose what college they are to continue their education career. Despite what students might argue, the likelihood that most students will attend a college within the state’s boundaries is very high.

Popular schools among selection from previous years are Cincinatti, Ohio State, Miami and Ohio University. However, the misconception that Ohio University is the most “laid back” of the choices has been altered from my latest visit to the main campus Saturday.

In my visit, I toured around campus to really unlock whether these misconceptions about the college are true. I met with three students, one of whom I am related to.

“My major is journalism, and at Ohio University they have the second most elite journalism program in the country,” sophomore student Nick said.

Although the school has adopted partying stereotypes due to their festivities such as the their massive Halloween party, the campus has high standards for their students and strict punishments for those who fail to obey these laws.

The school’s largest misconception is that it is a party school. Although the college is home to many parties, other campuses within Ohio have equal or even higher amounts of gatherings every year.

“You can’t get away without studying, people think that by going here it will be easy, but I study around 5 hours a day,” sophomore Tommy Mills said.

The school has intensely competitive programs if you choose the right major. Majors such as chemistry, math, business and english are particularly difficult.

Although the school’s reputation has been blemished due to partying issues many years ago, the college is still a campus in which students take pride in their work and education.