OPINION: Student section leaves Northland speechless


Josie DeCaro


On Friday, Sept. 8, a considerable number of students attended the Northland vs. Granville football home game. Northland’s star running back, John Branham, has multiple D1 offers, which makes out for a big game.

The theme for the student section was a beach and luau themed. There was an amazing turnout of attendance, and all were in high spirits. There were multiple beach balls, pool noodles and beach themed balloons.

When halftime came around, the score was 9-7, Granville. Northland’s band and dancers took the field to perform their Queen Halftime show.

Throughout the performance Granville students rose in awe over the amount of energy and enthusiasm that radiated off the dancers and the band, it is safe to say they killed the performance.

It is good to have a school that shows so much respect to other schools. There is a time to put rivalry aside and show good sportsmanship, and that is exactly what our students did.

School Principal Matt Durst agreed. “I’m really proud of the kids and the way that they reacted, but then I think community wise people are really excited about it, too,” Durst said.

Our cheers and ovations did not go unnoticed to Northland. Durst received an email from the band director complementing our respect for the other schools hard work and dedication for what they love to do.

Durst stated how he has never received a message like that from any other school. The student section as a whole really portrayed school spirit.

As high schoolers, it is hard to avoid negativity and rivalry to the opposing team, just because that feeling of winning overwhelms students. It is never fun to lose and most teams are sore losers. Especially with bashing on each others teams that social media creates.

Over a couple of years the student section seems to be getting larger and larger as more students are becoming involved. It is important that the upperclassmen show the lower classmen and incoming freshman really know how to act in the student section.

If the student section becomes poorly advocated then that will reflect badly on our school.

The student section should continue this act of good sportsmanship and optimism, because first impressions are always important.

For the student sections good hospitality and positive vibes reflected on the score which made Granville lead 44-26. It is a win-win situation.