OPINION: Adopting purrfection


Jack McGonagle


Everyone should own a pet during his or her lifetime to fully understand how much better life can be. They can either be adopted or rescued, but rescuing will bring much more joy and pleasure overall.

Two years ago, when Christmas rolled around and snow began to fall, my family made the trip to our local Humane Society with one goal in mind. We were going to rescue and adopt a new kitten.

We had rescued one of our cats from under our neighbor’s car many years before and he turned out to be the best pet we ever owned. So when it came to getting a new animal, we knew rescuing was the best way to go.

When we finally adopted and brought Winnie home from the shelter, he was the most loving and playful cat in the world. He’d go outside and jump around in the grass just enjoying life, and then come back in just to cuddle up and purr. He adapted to our home very quickly and you would never be able to tell he was a rescued animal.

Unfortunately he passed away this summer, but when I look back at the memories I made with him, I can definitely say rescuing him was one of the best decisions of my life.

The greatest part of rescuing is that you AND the pet can feel the love and joy. You’re saving an animal from the dangers it had previously faced, and getting a new furry friend at the same time.

According to Team Leo Animal Rescue out of Colorado, when you adopt, you’re saving the life of a wonderful animal waiting for love in a rescue or shelter, while also freeing up space for another.

Why would you not want to make an animal’s life better when getting a new pet? I mean c’mon, if you’re gonna get one, why can’t you rescue and make the adoption that much more meaningful?

If you were to just simply purchase from a breeder or store, you wouldn’t feel this same sense of joy because you aren’t rescuing the animal from anything.

In most cases, you’re giving the pet a much better life than before and the connection you form with them is very special. If you adopt from our local humane society, I promise you won’t regret it.