Mrs. Raffay: No stranger to the college process

BY EVA VIVERO (’15)Raffay

School Counselors work with students from when they first enter the high school building to when they are prepared to leave it. Obviously, they help with scheduling and all those sorts of tasks, but they also work with students in different ways. Ms. Raffay works with students with the last names starting with A through F. She has much previous experience working not only with students, but also advice coming from her own experiences.

One important aspect of being a school counselor is helping students get through the college process. Ms. Raffay suggest students start their college search as soon as possible so that students can start thinking about whether they would want an in-state or out-of-state school, a small college or a large university. To get an idea it is a good initiative to visit a couple.

There are benefits to both in-state and out-of-state schools. In-state is closer to home, and, if public, cheaper. Out-of-state offers more new experiences and students almost get to experience a different culture.

Ms. Raffay is no stranger to the college process. For her undergraduate studies, she went to Baldwin Wallace and majored in sociology. She then went to the Ohio State University for school counseling. In fact, she is earning her graduate certificate at Northeastern University for global issues and international affairs.

One of her personal favorite college experiences was studying abroad in England.

“I definitely recommend studying abroad because you still have the support of the university while experiencing a different culture,” said Raffay.

With such a great background in her field, it is evident why the school counselors play such an important role in the college search and college application process.

Outside of scheduling and the college process, Ms. Raffay states that she also enjoys getting to know the students better, as academic and as individuals.