Several Staff Members Await the Birth of a New Family Member


Alyssa Christian


The addition of a new family member is recognized as an exciting time for many families. Three staff members are expecting another family member at the end of the year.  

One of these faculty members includes chemistry teacher Mr. McLain who states that his initial reaction consisted of feelings of “incredible, peaceful happiness.”

Mr. McLain and his wife are expecting their baby girl, Audrey Ann McLain, Nov. 20. He said that his main goal for his daughter will be “teaching her to grow into a wise, beautiful, smart woman.”

Also expecting an addition to the family in late November is biology teacher Mrs. Newell, who will have a baby boy.

This will be Mrs. Newell’s second child, as she has a 3½ year old named Brendan at home. Her second son’s name will be Liam Newell.

School psychologist Mrs. Koons will also be expecting her second child at the end of this year. She said that she and her husband “were excited and I was a little nervous because it will be at the end of the school year.”

Mrs. Koons has a 1½ year old son named Aiden and will be expecting their first girl Dec. 20. Mrs. Koons and her husband have yet to decide on a name because she said “it’s harder to name a girl than a boy,” but they have a few ideas in mind that are “probably going to be kept secret.”

Mrs. Koons has been lucky not to experience feelings of sickness during her pregnancy, but she has been more hungry than usual.

Many pregnant women experience strange cravings as a result of their pregnancy. Although Mrs. Koons has not, both Mrs. McLain and Mrs. Newell have.

Mr. McLain said, “it’s kind of funny, but she’s really enjoying foods that I really like- such as tacos.”

Although tacos are not necessarily seen as a strange food, Mrs. Newell is craving what she said “is nasty, but during my first trimester, I wanted green olives and cottage cheese.”

Strange cravings or no strange cravings, it is fair to say that all three faculty members are looking forward to the addition of a new family member in the near future.