Reding awarded for his teaching


Environmental teacher Jim Reding on a tour through the green house

Kenzie Chesrown


Science teacher Jim Reding received two awards this summer.

One of the awards is the 2017 Arthur S. Holden Teacher Award for Excellence in Science Education. Each year a teacher is recognized for their outstanding work.

With this award comes a $7,500 grant which the award winner can put towards any educational facet for his or her students.

Reding decided to put this grant towards the land lab.

“The goal was to have money available for students to put toward future Take Action Projects,” Reding said.

The land lab is located at the Granville Intermediate School, and used as an educational tool in Reding’s environmental classes.

Reding plans to implement bee apiaries and other useful tools with the grant.

“The Bee Apiary was a project suggested last year and one that we would still like to see completed,” Reding said. “If students decide to take up this project again; and funding can not be obtained through other sources, then the award money is available,”

Students commonly have been inspired by Reding’s teachings. Many graduates have gone into the environmental field because of him, according to Principal Matt Durst.

Reding also received the STEM Educator of the Year Award.

Reding creates many opportunities to make a difference. His teachings include many projects designed for the students to experience hands on learning.

“A lot of the projects only happen because he gives the students the opportunity to brainstorm, dream, and then provides the support they need,” Durst said.

The land lab itself was created due to a “Take Action” project.

“I’m inspired by their passion, motivation and dedication. Over the years, I have learned that the more I give up control and just let my students run with an idea, the more rewarding the experience for all involved. When students become engaged and truly take control of their own educational experience it’s a game changer”

Reding teaches AP environmental, environmental studies, and ecology.

“His class was easily my favorite of the day,” senior Ava Kunar said. “Mr. Reding helps you learn a lot about the world, and encourages you to think differently.”

His blatant love for his job and passion for the environment encourages students to get excited about nature.

“I have always be an introvert,” Reding said. “Nature was where I felt the most comfortable; the most at home. I could go off by myself and just re-charge. I felt I needed to protect the places gave so much back to me. I became convinced that the best way to do that was to engage, or re-engage, the “Why” generation. I still feel that this is our best hope!”

Reding fully believes in his students’ capabilities.

“His class makes me want to go out and change the world, “ senior Taylor Ryan said. “Because he is so excited about teaching us, it really encourages us to get involved.”

Students this fall are piling into his class. Many with hopes of learning new, valuable information.

“I have been looking forward to the opportunity of taking AP Environmental,” senior Rachel Lilly said. “I am super excited to learn more about the environment. I took Mr. Reding’s ecology class this summer, and came out of it with a lot of valuable information and new outlooks.”