Ace’s nearing completion of new facility


Elijah Smith


After a large donation to the baseball program

, a new batting cage and indoor facility is nearly finished and ready for use.

“This will allow our players to throw and hit all with one facility, along with doing core work and running,” varsity baseball coach Tom Craze said.

The team will now be able to workout and practice in a heated facility.

“The winter time is when it (facility) really helps and gives us the chance to stay at the school and not have to travel to different locations,” Craze said.

Although it was a donation to the baseball program, other teams will get to use it as well.

Softball will also use this facility, they can use the batting cages and do other conditioning throughout the year.

“We will try to use the facilities as much as possible,” junior Ally Gilliam said.

This new building will allow for some more options for the baseball and softball programs during the winter.

“The team will use the facilities to practice inside during the winter when gym time is tight,” Gilliam said.

Any team can benefit from more and more practice. Just like the baseball team, softball will look to have a stronger offseason than in years past.

“It is super important for us to work hard and work together in the offseason to have a successful spring season,” Gilliam said.

Other teams will also be using the facility, the golf teams will set up their simulator to work on their swings during the off season.

The facility is nearly finished and has been under construction throughout the summer. It will be completely finished by the winter months.

“The inside should be ready by Oct. 1  for painting and working on the additions needed. However, by the time winter rolls around it will complete,” Craze said.