School gains four foreign friends


Brielle Bait pictured next to foreign exchange student Sean for Homecoming

Sara Mills


Four new students decide to travel abroad to attend the high school for the next two semesters through the Foreign Exchange Program.

New students Hannah Bajer from Germany, Lays Paiva from Brazil, Sean Cho from South Korea and Stina Svensson from Sweden will be with the high school for the next two semesters, and the new additions will benefit not only them according to the high school staff, but the students of the high school as well.

“The kids here are very kind and I feel very welcomed,” said Cho.

Sean described his arrival at the high school “warm and welcoming,” although the adjustment has been hard thus far, he knows despite the language barrier he will learn and experience a lot of new things.

“The cultural experience is not only for the students coming abroad,” school counselor Brandi Cooper said. “It is also a great experience for the students at Granville as well.”

By gaining students from different countries, students from Granville will be able to digest new information from first-hand sources about other countries cultures, customs, and traditions.

“I think it’s really admirable that someone has the kind of bravery to leave the comfort of home to experience something for themselves,” junior Ally McDonald said. “I wish I had the kind of courage to do something like that”.

Various students, including student McDonald, have showed great interest and curiosity about the new faces of the high school.