School board implements a new drug policy


Hannah Musick


The school board has implemented a new drug testing program to make sure students are following the rules of the drug policy.

Students who violate the policy will face consequences. For the first offense, there will be a 30% loss of participation in the sport or activity. A second offense will result in 50% loss of participation, and a third offense will be a one year loss of participation, according to Principal Matt Durst. This is to ensure students are obeying the rules.

Many students have chosen to opt in or opt out of the drug testing. According to Mr. Durst about 50% of students have opted out for the fall season.

“I decided to opt out because I think it is an invasion of privacy and all it is going to do is make students not participate in extracurricular activities,” said senior Alexie Mcfarland.

Others have decided to opt in.

“I opted in because I think it will help students because kids will be more careful with what they do in their spare time,” said freshman Stephan Chang.

Opting in while playing a sport includes a random drug test throughout the year. For instance, if an athlete is playing a fall sport, the school will be subject to testing at any time throughout the year. Athletes playing a winter or spring sport, however, will not be tested until the beginning of the season.

Students who belong to clubs that compete will also be tested, including the Drama Club, YIG, Competition Cheer and Mock Trial. The policy was decided at the Supreme Court level whether clubs should participate in the drug testing or not.

While the new drug policy is controversial, Durst has been vocal about the positive effects the drug policy will bring and to the seniors, especially.

“Be smart, you have worked hard for 3 years. Stay away from [drugs],” Durst said to the senior class.