New teachers ready to ace their jobs


Jack McGonagle


It’s the fresh start to a new school year and there are three new teachers at the school. Mr. Hull is the new statistics and calculus teacher, Mr. Schultz is the new geometry teacher and Mrs. Adams is a new counselor.  

While they are new to the school, all of these teachers have connections to Granville. Mr. Hull has been around Licking Country for a while now.

“I grew up and graduated from Northridge in 2009, so I always knew of Granville,” Hull said.  

Mr. Schultz has taught in the area and always kept an eye on the town.  

“I taught at Licking Heights prior to coming to Granville and knew what the town and school were about. I heard it was a good place to be and teach,” Schultz said.

Mrs. Adams has been in the area for a few years and slowly fell in love.

“I found Granville through my college search at Denison and really loved the town, so I let it become home and spent summers here finding jobs so I could stick around,” Adams said.

Each of these teachers went to separate colleges before making their way to the school.

“I went to Miami University (OH) and got my college degree in math education,” Hull said.

Mr. Schultz stayed close to town when he went to college.

“I attended The Ohio State University and got my bachelors degree in math and my masters degree in education,” Schultz said.

Mrs. Adams decided she wanted to just stay in town for college.

“I attended Denison University and got a double major; one in psychology and the other in educational studies,” Adams said.

Each teacher has their own motto that they follow and express to students.

“Always ask questions,” Hull said.

Mr Schultz wants students taking his class to follow one rule.

“Always participate and be involved in class,” Schultz said.

As for Mrs. Adams, she wants to lend students reaching out to her a helping hand.

“I always have an open door policy for all of my students and would really like to get to know them on a personal level where relationships can be built,” Adams said.

All of these teachers went through a 3 step application process in order to be hired. Mr. Durst played a pivotal role in hiring them.

“The two math teachers, Mr. Hull and Mr. Schultz, had to teach lessons in front of fellow staff members to help show they were credible. Mrs. Adams was given anonymous information on a random student and she had to write a letter of recommendation that we looked over. By the end, we looked over all their work and simulations and decided to hire them,” Durst said.

These new teachers have been approved by school officials and now it is time for them to teach and get involved with the students.

All of these teachers have different ways of spending their free time.

“I like to run for exercise, pickup sports, reading, and watching movies,” Hull said.

Mr. Schultz spends his spare time enjoying various activities that he finds relaxing.

“I enjoy golfing, games, and spending time with both sides of my family,” Schultz said.

Mrs. Adams uses her down time to appreciate life.

“I usually like to hang out with friends, walk my dog, spend time with my one year old, and hike outdoors,” Adams said.

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