DC remembered by many this spring

Kenzie Chesrown


Sending the whole eighth grade to the nation’s capital is no small feat, and all of can attest to this.

The week is full of pictures to fondly recall those awful braces, having fast food for every meal and some of the best days of middle school.

“Still have the pictures on my Ipod,” junior Mitch Meikle said. “I remember when my friend, Rachel, and I got lost. Our whole group was freaking out.”

“Getting lost with Mitch was pretty memorable,” junior Rachel Lilly said. “I remember not being scared but our teacher freaked out when we finally got back to the group.”

DC is full of memories that are remembered by high schoolers to this day.  

“I remember our bus got in an accident,” senior Grace Butler said. “Some of the students even had to go to the hospital, but everyone was okay.”

DC has its ups and downs but never fails to leave an impression on the young teens.

“It was great to see all of the monuments first hand,” junior Taylor Ryan said.

There are a variety of sights visited throughout the week.

“My favorite was seeing the White House,” senior Grace Havens said. “It was an awesome experience to see it first hand and I would love to again.”

DC is a time that many look back on fondly.

Students are assigned to a room of four and a walking group as well.

“It was super fun,” senior Isabel Nazarian said. “I was lucky enough to have been put into the same group as my friends, so I had a great week,”

“I remember I forced my group to wait as I bought Chinese noise balls from a museum’s gift shop which took forever, and they ultimately ended up breaking as soon as we left the museum,” Lilly said.

The itinerary broadly involves educational sights such as historical sights and then a few shopping areas.

“At one mall a guy pretending to be homeless tricked us into giving him some spare money,” Lilly said.

“On the ride home, my whole bus was asleep except for about five of us,” junior Melissa Murphy said. “I think we were going crazy because we were so low on sleep and everything anyone did seemed hilarious.”

Middle school seems to be the perfect time to visit the White House; everyone full of school spirit and eagerness to learn.

“DC was an awesome time,” junior Noah King said. “I’m really glad I got to to see all the historical sights,”

In a recent Twitter poll, when asked on what their favorite sight at DC was,17% said The White House and the Arlington Cemetery while 28% liked the White House. The other 38% liked a sight unavailable on the poll.

Each year the school sends another group of well dressed kids on their way, and each year they come back with memories to last a lifetime.

“The best part was by far the snacks. Everyone’s snapchat was just a picture of their room loaded with snacks the first night,” Meikle said.