It’s time to be a man: Summer


Chris Volzke


Finally, it’s time to get out of school and relax for the summer. I’ve decided to create a list of manly things you can do this summer to keep up with your manly lifestyle. Summer may be a vacation from school, but there is never a vacation from being manly.

  1.     Concerts/Festivals

There are a lot of really great concerts and festivals during the summer. Personally, festivals are my favorite because you get more artists for your money and you get to camp! Camping at festivals is the way to go. There is nothing like being absolutely disgusting with a few thousand-other people for a weekend. Those who stay in hotels for festivals are weak and don’t deserve to be there.

  1.     Movies

A lot of dope movies are coming out this summer, and personally I plan on going to see all of them. Movies are super relaxing and summertime is possible the best time to go see movies. However, if you are living the manly lifestyle and you decide to waste your money on something like “The Emoji Movie” then you are not a man and you need to stop calling yourself one. Instead go see something that is actually going to be worth your money like “Dunkirk.”

  1.     Hiking/Camping

Go outside this summer. There is nothing manlier than driving into the mountains and camping out for a few days. Maybe do some fishing. There is nothing like catching and eating your own dinner. Plus, just getting away from your busy life back home for a few days is very relaxing.

  1.     Party

Summer time is a time to turn up. However, this comes with a strong warning, don’t do anything stupid or embarrassing. Just ask yourself, “Would Chris do this?” and if the answer is no, then don’t do it.

  1.     Swimming

Going to the pool can be fun during the summer, but that is not the kind of swimming that I am talking about. I’m talking about lake and ocean swimming. Nothing like going to a lake with your buddies and doing stupid stuff. Especially if someone brings a boat and you can go out to the middle of the lake. Ocean swimming is great as well. Getting that salt water in your eyes and smelling stale after a long day at the beach is a great experience and is something that everyone should do.

  1.     Fishing

Fishing is kind of a necessity during the summer. Not only is it relaxing but it can be incredibly fun. Catching a fish after trying for like an hour is a great feeling. Plus, even if you don’t like fish, there is something about eating a fish that you caught makes it taste so good.

  1.     Road trip

Road tripping with the bros is just a good time. It doesn’t even matter where, or how far you are going, it is just good fun. Bumping some good songs out the speakers with all your bros driving to basically nowhere is the best. There is nothing like it and there is a reason there are a ton of terrible country songs about it.

Summer is a great season. You can basically do whatever you want and relax. However, make sure you don’t do anything unmanly because if you do, you will never be able to become a true, pure man ever again.