OPINION: 5 reasons why cats make better pets than dogs




Most people think that this is still an open question, but I do not. While I have loved all the dogs I have had growing up without stipulation, I strongly believe that cats make better pets.

  1. They don’t bark. I don’t hate dogs at all. On the other hand, I’ve lived with a number of dogs over the past 18 years of my life. But I have to confess that hearing them barking day and night really changed my feelings about them. Even when company comes to visit, dogs give an intrusive greeting to anyone that walks through the front door, running about wildly, jumping up on people and barking loudly. Cats’ meows, on the other hand, are pleasant and they prefer to greet guests from a distance, occasionally rubbing against and weaving in and out of their legs.
  2.  Cats are master exterminators. They are fascinated by anything that moves. You’ll never have to worry about icky crawling things or little mice running across your feet because by the time you find them, they’ll already be dead!
  3. Dogs smell; even after a bath. The first thing they do after a bath is run outside to roll in the mud. Cats don’t need baths and expensive shampoos. Instead, they are finicky self-groomers and take care to be clean at all times. Even better, cats don’t slobber and their breath doesn’t stink.
  4. Cats are more independent. They need less care and you can leave them home alone for long periods of time. With dogs, you have to follow a strict schedule to coincide with their digestive system to ensure they don’t leave a mess in the house. Cats can do their business inside, with just a quick trip to the litter box.
  5. Cats don’t chew up your slippers or new furniture when they get antsy and bored. Cats don’t get bored. They don’t need constant attention either. They also take better care of their toys. You can give them a new toy and it will last for a couple of years. On the other hand, a dog will get bored with their toy and demolish it within minutes.