President Trump’s foreign policy comes with many implications

President Trumps foreign policy comes with many implications

Daniel Brnjic


April was an eventful month for President Trump and his foreign policy. First he ordered a missile strike on a Syrian airbase as retaliation for Syrian President Assad’s chemical weapon attack against his own people. A week later a massive 21,000-pound bomb was dropped on an ISIS training camp in Afghanistan.

These events are not only important world events, but they also symbolize a change in President Trump’s rhetoric. On the campaign trail, Trump pledged to stay out of Syria and worry about America first. This pledge was doomed to fail because as President, Trump has more information and responsibility to do what is right for America. The attack on Syria will be a symbol of what the American foreign policy will be for at least the remainder of the Trump administration.

President Trump and Secretary Mattis stand by their word, and if they warn a country like Syria or North Korea to stand down, those countries now know that the new administration will unflinchingly protect innocent lives and American interests.

President Obama believed that diplomacy and military action were polar opposites. The Trump administration takes the Reagan angle that diplomacy works best when you have military force to back up warnings. President Trump has drawn his red line, but unlike President Obama, Trump has already shown that he will not hesitate to fire 59 cruise missiles or rain down a 21,000-pound bomb in the defense of freedom and humanity. The President has made it clear he will not hesitate to use force and foes like Syria, North Korea, China and Russia. These countries  all know that they need to tread lightly or the American military will be sitting off their coast line ready for action.

The United States military is the greatest fighting force since the Roman Legions and our enemies now know if they commit crimes against their own people, justice will come in the form of chaos. This change in policy by the new administration has created waves in the world of geopolitics. The American government has finally caught up to the modern threats facing the nation. We face threats ranging from ISIS to rogue nations like North Korea. This approach will make all foes take notice and reassure all American allies that America has returned to Reagan era “Peace through Strength.” This will ensure safety for the nation and the world.