Prom ticket prices should be revised

Jordan Gummere


The cost of Prom tickets are free for seniors, an amazing bonus. Couples are $75, while those going alone are $50. But if a senior were to bring a date, they would not get this couple discount and would have to pay the $50. Couples who are are seniors cost less than seniors and their dates. If seniors bring dates who are alumni from Granville, there is still no discount.

If couples who are not seniors get a discount, then seniors should get a discount to bring a date whether they be at the school, at a different school, or alumni to Granville. Seniors are given a privilege to go to Prom for free, so they should be able to have a discount for their date if underclassmen get a discount.

However, this privilege is also very rare because most schools do not give their seniors free tickets. This is where Granville gives its seniors more of an advantage. This negative view of the Prom tickets is being taken at the wrong angle because of the benefit of getting free senior tickets. The discount for the tickets are the free ones for seniors.