This dessert mash-up will fulfill all of your dreams


Emma Naille


S’mores are a classic treat for chilly summer nights around a campfire. However, this recipe takes this classic, and puts it into another classic All-American favorite: the chocolate chip cookie.

They’re called “S’more cookie cups” and are perfect for when you get sick of s’mores, but still need something sweet to eat in the summertime (or really anytime of the year). It is essentially a chocolate chip cookie formed into a cup, and then filled with all of the flavors of a s’more.

The recipe is from and is pretty easy to follow. It starts with chocolate chip cookie dough that you press into a cupcake tin, making wells in the dough to begin shaping it like a cup. If you do not have cooking or baking spray to grease the pan, you can just spread butter into the cupcake tin.

It says to put the cookies in for 18 minutes at 400 degrees, this is much too long. In order for the cookie cups to be done, but not burnt, put them in the oven for 10 minutes and then keeping checking them until they turn golden brown. Once you take them out of the oven and they start to cool, they will darken, so take them out right when they turn golden. Getting the cookie cups right is key because if they are too done, the cookie will be very crunchy after it fully cools and that makes it hard to eat.

The recipe says to use a shot glass to make the cookie cups deeper by pressing the bottom into the cookie while it’s still hot, but you can also use the bottom of a salt or pepper shaker if you do not have a shot glass. It also calls for marshmallow crème, but using regular marshmallows or mini marshmallows would be a lot easier because the marshmallow crème is sticky and hard to get into the cups.

Then, to cook the marshmallows, put your broiler on low and keep an eye on them. I recommend turning on your oven light and watching them closely because marshmallows will go from golden brown to burns'more cookie cupt very quickly. This step cooks the top of the cookies even more, which is why it is important that they are not  too done when you bake them the first time.

Overall, these “S’mores cookie cups” are easy to make and are very satisfying. Though it might not replace the real thing, and it makes your kitchen smell like burnt marshmallows, this recipe allows you to take your s’mores anywhere, making them perfect for a bake sale, a Fourth of July party or just for when you get bored in the summer.