Thriller ‘Get Out’ is ‘absurdly fun’


Sam Dunham


If someone told you that a Comedy Central just made his first movie, you probably wouldn’t expect it to be dark thriller and racial commentary.

Nevertheless, Jordan Peele from the famous comedy duo Key and Peele made his directorial debut with “Get Out”, which has been a smash hit with fans and critics alike. Peele has recently become the first black director ever to make 100 million dollars with his first directed movie.

Aside from the box office, where this movie really shines is its creative plot, innovative directing, and some incredible acting. Without revealing too many spoilers, the basic plot is a young woman brings her African-American boyfriend home to her family’s house, causing some very strange events to ensue involving her creepy family and servants.

For starters, the overall idea and vision of the movie is very fresh and creative. It provides a subtle satire on modern racial conflict, but never hits you over the head with it or gets too preachy. The plot itself is very Hitchcockian in the way it unfolds as well. The film is less of a horror and more of a thriller, however the jump scares will still leave you on the edge of your seat. The suspense is masterfully built up, and Peele never resorts to cheap horror movie clichés or ploys. The soundtrack as well fits the tone of the movie perfectly, with creepy funk and folk music creating an atmosphere of unrest and panic. There are even pieces of the score similar to that of Hitchcock or Shyamalan, some of the masters of suspense.

The directing itself is fantastic as well. It is still very early in the year, but Peele’s directing in this film is easily Oscar-worthy. From the camera work to the sound editing to the screenplay, there are very flaws in the way “Get Out” is directed. Peele goes above and beyond what is required from a director, which not only shows his passion on the project but also makes his directing truly worthy of an Academy Award.

Lastly, the acting is another A+ across the board. Daniel Kaluuya hits it out of the park as the main protagonist. He proves to be not just a archetype horror character who constantly runs away and screams in fear. He is a fleshed-out character who the audience actively roots for. Allison WIlliams as his girlfriend delivers a similarly realistic and truly impressive performance with her range of emotion. Supporting characters such as her strange parents as well as Keith Stanfield from “Atlanta” also provide amazing and ranged performances.

Overall, “Get Out” is, simply stated, one of the most well-made and entertaining thrillers this decade. It is creative, bold, unpredictable, and absurdly fun while at the same time disturbing. No one expected such a daring thriller from a man most famous for his role as football player ‘Xmus Jaxon Flaxon-Waxon’, but there is no doubt that after this incredible success, everyone is going to be taking this comedian a little more seriously.