Our physical education credit policy should be accepted


Ashlyn Brockway


Everyone knows that in order to graduate high school you must have at least two semesters of gym or have two different sports. This is a rule that the school enforces and takes very seriously.

The rules are that you must have taken at least a full year of gym throughout your high school career or have taken two different season sports. While some find this rule to be very unfair, it is not, in my opinion. Having to take only two sports or a year of gym during your four years while at this school, is not that bad.

We tend to hear people complain, especially seniors when they find out they have to take gym their senior year in order to graduate. While some state they had no idea that they had to take gym, however the councilors have told us since freshman year about this rule.

Some find this rule to be unfair if they only take club sports (club sports don’t count as a sport at the high school). Now when students are upset about having to take gym because their club sports don’t count, I do feel bad for them, because they still participate in sports, but a rule is a rule.

When I hear students complain about taking gym and how “unfair” it is, I do not feel bad for them. The teachers and guidance counselors have warned all of the students about this rule and have told us that they will enforce this rule.

Emily Massey, who is a senior this year, is now enrolled in a full year of gym.

“Yes, I am a senior in gym class” Massey said. “I honestly don’t mind it too much. I have gym the last period of the day so I get to leave right after gym class is over. The class doesn’t have many students in it, but is still pretty fun”.

While students will probably always complain about how unfair this rule is, I do not feel bad for them. We have all had to take either two sports or a full year of gym and if they think we have it bad, some schools make their students take gym every year (not just one like we do).

I’m sure people have their own opinions on this topic, but this is mine. We truly don’t have it that bad here, and we should stop complaining about it all the time because we have been warned since the first day of freshman year. Do a sport or participate in one year of gym, It’s not that bad!