Winter Formal exceeds Homecoming in all aspects


Picture courtesy of Avery Bennington

Carsten Savage


Everyone knows the buildup to Homecoming freshmen year. Girls need the perfect dress, shoes, hair and the picture time is both mandatory and precisely planned with enough time to sit at the restaurant bored.

After all of this is totaled up, the cost is not worth the end product. Spending a fortune on a school dance is ridiculous. The range spent is for 150-300 dollars. It takes the whole morning and afternoon to prepare and attend all the appointments.

The dress will never see the light of day again, yet every year endless high schoolers fall into the same trap that leads to empty wallets and uncomfortable fabrics.

Homecoming also has a reputation of being one of the more serious dances. Girls generally spend more time and money and dates are more common.

All in all, its overrated.

I’m not anti dances or discouraging excited girls from buying their dream dress, but I do recommend to focus on what’s important: having a good time with friends and getting a relaxing break from school.

As far as dances go, Winter Formal is my definite favorite. The main reason is that the proceeds go to Louis Wood. This is heartwarming and a great gesture to be a part of.

Winter Formal also is less stressful and does not have the stigma of everything needing to be in perfect order.

Most are borrowing dresses and not attending five star meals, and there much less anxiety involved with hair and makeup.

Everyone seems to be more laid back and comfortable.

Winter Formal is a nice break from the heavy, winter school load and gives friends a time to have fun.

Homecoming can be just as great given the right mindset, but Winter Formal is a dance where people can have carefree, good times.

And that exceeds all else when in regards to dance standards.