Jeff Sessions should ignore the Democrats’ plea to resign

Ava Kunar


D.C Democrats are making a mockery of themselves. Politicians like Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, and Nancy Pelosi are embarrassing the American Democratic Party. Because they are feeling sorry for themselves, a common trait among 2017 Democrats, they are whining, moaning, and complaining about how politics is “corrupt,” and “Republicans are incompetent,” or my favorite, “all Republicans are racist.” Because they have yet to realize that they, themselves, lost the Senate, lost the House, and lost the presidential election, D.C liberals have resorted to the only coping mechanism their brains can fathom: trying to tear down the Republican Party.

Instead of reflecting on the reasons that they suffered such a colossal loss, and channeling their disappointment into rebuilding their party, Democratic politicians are taking a much more illogical approach: attempting to burn the Republican Party to the ground. Though this would make both parties at an equally awful level, considering that the D.C Democrats are at rock bottom, their fanatical approach to ruin the prospering right side of America is consistently unsuccessful.

This obsession with Republicans has turned into an obsession with Russia because the Democrats have found that if they can not rely on Republican policy to let them down, they must create “scandals” within the party to show that “the Republican Party isn’t prospering as much as everyone thinks.” This is where Jeff Sessions comes into the conversation. Drama has been surrounding U.S Attorney General Jeff Sessions as some Democrats are trying to connect Sessions to Russian involvement in the 2016 Presidential election. Frankly, Capitol Hill Democrats are on a witch hunt to link Russia to any Trump Republican that they can. In fact,  Jeff Sessions, in a very Mary Warren-esque way fell right into their trap. When Senator Al Franken asked, in a purposefully confusing way, what Attorney General Jeff Sessions would do if he found that someone from the Trump campaign was meeting with the Russians about the campaign, Sessions responded that he has sometimes been called a surrogate to the Russians and he did not meet with them.

That was an extremely vague answer because  Sessions didn’t do anything wrong and didn’t feel the need to expand. This small section of sessions confirmation hearing wouldn’t have been a big deal if Al Franken and Chuck Schumer didn’t throw a fit when they found out that Sessions met with the Russian ambassador twice in 2016 as his duty as a senator.

Any rational person reading this statement understand that Senator Jeff Sessions met with the Russian ambassador because he was a senator who deals with foreign policy all the time, and it is in his job description to meet with ambassadors and handle global politics. Obviously this train of thought would entail, though, that the reader used logic, and when it comes to Republicans, we know that logic is not something that D.C Democrats employ. I understand why Al Franken and others may have a few questions for Sessions, or be a bit confused, but this hype that surrounds Jeff Sessions is too much. Though it is true that Sessions didn’t speak as clearly as he could have, it is clear that he didn’t make any wild mistakes or claims. He has since recused himself from all Russian related issues and has said that he didn’t speak as clearly as he could have; this, however isn’t enough for Capitol Hill’s leftist army. The Democrats decided that because sessions wording was not perfect, certainly not as perfect as Nancy Pelosi’s was when she said (in 2016) that she was looking forward  to working with President George Bush, that Sessions should resign. Yes, you read correctly, they asked him to resign because he did his job as a senator and didn’t feel the need to clarify that he completed his job as a U.S. senator 2016 during his hearing.

Obviously this is preposterous. Republicans are annoyed and justly so. Though both parties have been rude, both parties have crossed lines that shouldn’t be crossed and both parties are very extreme right now, Capitol Hill Dems need to take a chill pill and focus on themselves instead of their Republican counterparts.