Alumni Day canceled


Alumni Day, slated for Jan. 9, has been cancelled, with no promise of rescheduling.

Due to the two hour delay schedule on Friday, according to school counselor Amber Gilsdorf, there was absolutely not enough time to even introduce all 17 GHS alums during the 30 minute period, and definitely no time for current students to ask them questions about their schools, their majors and their college experience.

In an ideal situation, according to Gilsdorf, the senior students would have had a longer period to chat with the GHS alums. Unfortunately, however, Alumni day was “not going to happen in a systematic way,” she said.

At this point, there has been no discussion regarding an alternative for students.

“Our only alternative is May, when the alums are home from their first year of college,” said Gilsdorf. “But in May, it’s more difficult to pull seniors from their English classrooms, as they’re dealing with their senior project, AP exams, finals and graduation.”