Students take off to Cuba for a week long adventure


Sydney Bednarski



Just about every year, students and a few faculty members will take a trip on spring break or in the summer to a foreign land to learn new things and experience a new culture.

This year, they will all be traveling to Miami and multiple different cities and towns in Cuba, with the help of a tour company called EF Tours which, Granville has worked with for many successful years. Students plan on leaving for this adventure very early on March 24.

During spring break this year, about 40 Granville students will be flying to Miami for a day to experience Cuban culture in Little Havana, USA.

“I’m happy we’re going to Miami to see the culture within the states, but I’m even more excited to go to Cuba to see the real deal,” said junior Luke Pappas who will be traveling with the group.

After a day spent in Little Havana, the group will be flying to the capital of Cuba, Havana, for 3 days. While there, they will be speaking with locals, trying authentic Cuban cuisine, and learning more about traditional Cuban culture.

“I am so so excited to stay in Havana, just because of its style,” junior Natalie Pireu says, “You can look up pictures and see that it is so retro and everything is very authentic there.”

After a few days in Havana, the group will travel to Cienfuegos, a city on the southern coast of Cuba with beautiful beaches and architecture.

“Hopefully, we are able to go to the beaches because they look absolutely beautiful,” said Pireu.

The group will also spend a couple of days in Santa Clara, a beautiful city in central Cuba. Again just touring and experiencing authentic Cuban culture.

Principal Matt Durst will be accompanying the students along the trip,

“I love trips like this because it really gives me a chance to create new relationships with students,” said Durst, “some days it’s impossible to get out of my office and see everyone, so I really take advantage of trips like this.”

Two other chaperones who will be traveling with the students are Kim McClanahan and Jeremy Hopping.

To finish off the trip the group will be traveling to Trinidad, a very photogenic town much like the rest of Cuba.