How I would have done it: ‘Suicide Squad’


Chris Volzke


“Suicide Squad” was one of the best advertised movies of the summer. Everyone was hyped for this movie and it disappointed just about everyone who saw it. The movie had so much potential, the cast was there, the director was there, and the budget was there. Only problem is the story was so bad, it completely took away from anything good the actors were doing. So, I have decided to fix this movie and make it what it should have been.

First step is to completely get rid of the whole ancient mystical stuff. It was stupid and it was maybe the worst part of the movie. The main antagonist of this film should have been the Joker. He was, in my opinion, one of the better parts of the movie and he wasn’t in it enough. By making him the antagonist, a weird dynamic between him and Harley is created because she technically must fight against him.

I pictured this movie being a lot like the plot of “Batman: The Killing Joke” except in this case it isn’t Batman that is sent in to save Gordon, it’s the Suicide Squad. At the beginning of the movie, Harley and the rest of the squad is in prison. Then Amanda Walker, their leader, comes in and puts them all together, places the bombs in their heads and then for a while they are just in prison, training and learning to be together.

To take care of the absence of Batman, the viewer will learn that he is out trying to put together the Justice League and is unable to deal with the Joker’s shenanigans at the moment. The Joker decides to take advantage of the absence of Batman so he decides to go out and first shoot Barbara Gordon in the back, paralyzing her, and taking pictures of the whole terrible event. Then he kidnaps Commissioner Gordon and takes him to the abandoned fairgrounds to try to corrupt him and destroy him mentally to prove his point that everyone is just one bad day away from becoming him.

Obviously, the city of Gotham can’t afford to lose Gordon so they decide to employ the Suicide Squad. So, they take the Suicide Squad to the fairgrounds and they are only told that they have to find and save Jim Gordon. They are not told who has taken him or what exactly has happened but the squad realizes that it’s the Joker almost immediately. So, they enter the fairground and at first, everything is quiet.

Then out of nowhere, all hell breaks loose and they are attacked by a ton of the Jokers goons. The squad is pinned down in a brutal fight for survival and are greatly outnumbered. While all this goes down the Joker decides to show Gordon the pictures he took of him torturing and shooting his daughter and this sends Gordon into a flurry of emotions and anger. Exactly what the Joker wanted. The Joker then proceeds to draw a Joker face onto Gordon, continuing his attempts to turn Gordon into himself.

The squad continues to fight, but they are all tired and injured. Eventually one of the members of the squad, Enchantress, gets shot and killed. This sends the rest of the squad into a rage and they kill off the goons that are attacking them, but this comes at a cost because all the members of the squad are injured. They move in to the main carnival tent of the fairgrounds, which is where Gordon is being held. They come in to find Gordon suspended from the tightrope, painted to look like the Joker and crying from all the mental torture the Joker put him through. Then all the sudden the ceiling caves in on top of all the squad except for Harley Quinn, separating them, and Harley is left to confront the Joker herself.

The Joker reveals himself to Harley and she is overjoyed to see the love of her life again. But this reunion is cut short because Amanda uses the radio to tell Harley that if she doesn’t kill the Joker right then and there she is going to blow up the bomb she placed in Harley’s head. Harley raises a gun to the Joker but she realizes that she could never do anything to the Joker so she takes her own life. This sends the Joker into a rage and he kills a few of his own goons before escaping the fairgrounds.

The rest of the squad is able to pull themselves out of the rubble at this point and they find Harley. They are all upset and they get Gordon down and leave the fairgrounds. The movie ends with Gordon in the hospital and the rest of the squad morning Harley’s death. The final scene of the movie is the Joker standing over her grave vowing vengeance against Amanda Walker.