Winter Formal dance raises $1200 for Lou Woods Foundation


Picture courtesy of Gillian McCracken

Karissa Harris



The 2017 Winter Formal dance was a success with a turnout of over 200 students. With the tickets being $10 each, Student Council was able to raise around $2000.

“Student Council will be donating $1200 to the Lou Woods Foundation,” secretary Tiera Cramer said.

Winter Formal is not a set thing every year, but the past two years the school has had one to support Lou Wood, a junior who was involved in a car accident last year.

Winter Formal is a fun event for students to get dressed up nice and have a fun night out with their friends or a date.

“Winter Formal is very different from both Homecoming and Prom, because it is a lot less formal which can be nice,” senior Sophia Ehlers said.

Winter Formal is never as elaborate as Homecoming or Prom and most students like the laid back attitude of the dance.

“We only spent $15 on decorations which was very nice because the Student Council members made the stars themselves and Jordan Gummere made the moon,” Cramer said.

There were a mix of groups at Winter Formal and students from all grades showed up to have some fun dancing.

“I took a friend from another school this year as my date, but also went in a group with friends who did not have dates and it was very fun,” Ehlers said.

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