“Almost, Maine” warms the hearts of audience


Hannah Dear


The curtain opens on Katie Gold and John Kim, two lovers sitting amongst the stars in a little town called Almost, Maine.

“He wants to get closer to the girl he likes but he ends up pushing her away in a scientific nerdy way,” senior John Kim said.

Kim, along with acting during the show, had a special celebration during tech week.

“My favorite moment was when they got me a cake and balloons and sang Happy Birthday in the makeup room,” Kim said.

Some of the actors have a special connection with their characters.

“I believe that he is pretty nerdy, and I am very nerdy as well. I’ve learned that if you get a girl to say I love you, don’t push her away,” Kim said.

Sophomore Alexa Minton shares the same connection

“Villian is a very bubbly, happy person. She interrupts a very awkward conversation between two people,” Minton said. “I feel like I do that a lot in real life.”

Minton was in a scene with senior Mackenna Finley and sophomore Jim Batey. There were fun bloopers involved with this scene.

“I am a big fan of energetic dancing and dancing to what the music feels like. I would be dancing backstage,” Minton said. “I get my notes from Mrs. Sharp the next day and she said ‘Alexa, we see you. Stop dancing backstage! You’re distracting Jim and McKenna.’”

The show features its own cast of quirky characters who are full of both love and flaws.

“The way the pieces come together, it hits a different heart string each time,” Minton said.

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While the show is not technically a comedy, it has its fair share of humor in some scenes. Other scenes are more touching. All scenes end on an open ended note because each is only a moment on one night in each of the characters’ lives.

“My character’s best friend tells her that she is in love with her, and she doesn’t know if she feels the same way,” junior Lily Moulton said. “She doesn’t want to lose her friend, and she might have the same feelings.”

This show allowed many members of the cast to get to know each other better.

“I have known True for several years. This was nice because I got to know her more,” Moulton said.

Moulton and sophomore True Chin-Parker were not the only cast members that got closer and enjoyed working together.

“It’s been a blast. Anna is a pretty darn radical person. Just dandy,” junior Rick Duffus said.

Duffus and senior Anna Minton were among those that had bloopers during tech week.

“During rehearsal the first time Anna and I were going to kiss on stage,” Duffus said. “Anna ducked and I kissed her eye. And then she fell on the ground.”

Some relationships are just starting, other have been dating for eleven years, others are married. This show is a reminder to never wait on love and to take a chance on someone.

“Dave, he’s kind of a sweetheart. He is trying to tell the girl that he likes that he likes her, but she isn’t getting it,” Duffus said.

The cast is very supportive of each other. Each actor has a favorite scene that they have enjoyed watching progress.

“Watching Kelsey and Rick’s scene progress has been very funny. They’ve named all of the kisses. Seeing other people’s scenes progress has been very fun,” Moulton said.

The lights finally darken on John Kim and Katie Gold. Here the love story that began the show wraps up simultaneously with the end of the show.

“You have to have some ugly notes to make a beautiful song. You have to have the dissonance before you have the song,” Minton said.