Flashback Friday: Inseparable friends

Kelsey Frahn and Lindsay Higgins Flashback Friday - By Kaeli FrahnBY KAELI FRAHN (’15)

This week’s flashback Friday features two best friends. Kelsey Frahn and Lindsay Higgins have been inseparable since first grade. Now both sophomores, nothing has changed.

“Today it hit me that my best friend since first grade is moving,” Kelsey said, “We’ve been through so much together. I know [she] isn’t moving far but not seeing [her] first and fourth period everyday is going to kill me.”

Today, Lindsay will be saying goodbye to Granville High School as she starts a new chapter of her life at Licking Valley, where she is thrilled to make new friends, but sad to say goodbye to the people she has come so close to since her first day of kindergarten.